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Ronald Fong

Animation Director




I’m an animation director and I specialize in 3D animation and motion design for digital media marketing, advertising, commercials and films.

A well-crafted story is the key ingredient to great creative output, so I consciously aim to make the projects I’m involved in meaningful and relatable.

Why animation?

I seek to create visuals that entertain, inform and motivate. CGI involves my desirable mix between technology and art so it naturally became my favorite medium of expression.

Admittedly, I’m a happy geek when creating 3D motion design work. That said, no less love is given to traditional approaches to animation; I appreciate – just as much – the fluid and expressive nature of hand-drawn / stop-motion animation.



When I was 14, I  was having lots of fun with early-day 3D software, assembling boxes, spheres and imagining them to be superheroes.

It was not enough for me. I wanted to create my own characters and stories, so I joined the Digital Media Design Diploma Programme at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and majored in Digital Animation.

Armed with artistic and technical skills, I went on to further my studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), where there is a significant emphasis on artistic foundation and conceptual thinking.

There, I naturally progressed towards the storytelling aspects of animation.

To Infinity and Beyond

Over the decade, I have made many awesome like-minded buddies, worked together on many fun projects. I’m very thankful for every creative collaboration, and I want to ensure we can continues to do this.

So, I started my own animation studio to continue this animation journey.

At Masonry Studios, I continue to work with highly-motivated individuals on fun, cool and relatable animation projects.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Animation Direction
Motion Design


The goal is to build an environment where artists, animators and designers can solve creative problems happily, and be proud of creating emotionally-engaging 3D motion design work.

With that thought, I started Masonry Studios.

Masonry Studios

My vision is for the company to share a sincere dedication in telling stories in the best way possible, to work towards our client’s goals while respecting the creative development of the team, and individual artists.