You Ci Ke (有刺客) wins at AsiaGraph 2016

Received a mystery package from Japan today! It's news today…
Ronald Fong Juan Foo Han Qing Ping All-In Young Writers

All-in! Young Writers Festival 2017

Thanks to the support of *SCAPE, I've had the pleasure recently…
Ronald Fong - Masonry Studios Interior B

Masonry Studios

I've been busy working with Nicholas Chia  to put together…
Rooster VR Painting - Google Tilt Brush - Ronald Fong (2)

Google Tilt Brush

A few of us animators visited a VR Arcade (the first in Singapore)…
Shelleng Fleet SFY01 Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong

Shelleng Fleet SF-Y01

Adding to the Shelleng Fleet of spaceships =)
Triangular Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong


Haven’t drawn a spaceship in a long while. It’s a relaxing…

You Ci Ke wins AnimArte 2015 - Best Film (Asia)

You Ci Ke wins Best Film (Asia) at 2015 AnimArte - 12th International…
Vray Blend Material Test (2)

Vray Blend Material Test

Trying out the Vray Blend Materials. Can be useful for weathered…
Ang Ku Kueh CG Singapore Traditional Snack D

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore

It's National Day! Made a bunch of CG Ang Ku Kuehs because I'm…
NYFA Best Visual Effects Nicholas Chia Coldsteam

Coldsteam wins big at NYFA 2016

Yay!! Coldsteam wins Best Visual Effects and Best Original…