Shelleng Fleet SF-Y01

Adding to the Shelleng Fleet of spaceships =)
Triangular Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong


Haven’t drawn a spaceship in a long while. It’s a relaxing…

You Ci Ke wins AnimArte 2015 - Best Film (Asia)

You Ci Ke wins Best Film (Asia) at 2015 AnimArte - 12th International…
Vray Blend Material Test (2)

Vray Blend Material Test

Trying out the Vray Blend Materials. Can be useful for weathered…
Ang Ku Kueh CG Singapore Traditional Snack D

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore

It's National Day! Made a bunch of CG Ang Ku Kuehs because I'm…
NYFA Best Visual Effects Nicholas Chia Coldsteam

Coldsteam wins big at NYFA 2016

Yay!! Coldsteam wins Best Visual Effects and Best Original…
You Ci Ke Animation Ronald Fong Han Qingping at NYFA 2016 (1)

有刺客 (You Ci Ke) bags all 3 Animation awards at NYFA 2016

刺客 (You Ci Ke), the 2015 ADM Digital Animation graduation…

Namecards 2016

My namecard design hasn't changed since 2011. That's 5 years…

Photoshop Hipster Palette

Hey, I've got a bunch of requests for the "hipster" color palette in…