Ronald Fong - Eight 3D Balloon Text


I was curious if I could achieve the C4D look with Maya and Vray.…
Ronald 3D Text

Experimental Candy 3D Text

So this is supposed to be the trendy look of motion graphics…

You Ci Ke (有刺客) wins at AsiaGraph 2016

Received a mystery package from Japan today! It's news today…
Ronald Fong Juan Foo Han Qing Ping All-In Young Writers

All-in! Young Writers Festival 2017

Thanks to the support of *SCAPE, I've had the pleasure recently…
Ronald Fong - Masonry Studios Interior B

Masonry Studios

I've been busy working with Nicholas Chia  to put together…
Rooster VR Painting - Google Tilt Brush - Ronald Fong (2)

Google Tilt Brush

A few of us animators visited a VR Arcade (the first in Singapore)…
Shelleng Fleet SFY01 Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong

Shelleng Fleet SF-Y01

Adding to the Shelleng Fleet of spaceships =)
Triangular Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong


Haven’t drawn a spaceship in a long while. It’s a relaxing…

You Ci Ke wins AnimArte 2015 - Best Film (Asia)

You Ci Ke wins Best Film (Asia) at 2015 AnimArte - 12th International…
Vray Blend Material Test (2)

Vray Blend Material Test

Trying out the Vray Blend Materials. Can be useful for weathered…