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10 cool tricks in Maya

In this video, I explain some of the time-saving tricks in Maya that I kind very useful for my CGI work. There’s a lot in there that I think can save you some time too. On top of this list, there’s a fairly hard-to-explain MMB trick in the Maya timeline when animating, and that shall […]

Iridescent Glass Material in Redshift

Developed this iridescent glass shader in Maya / Redshift based on IG @odddough ‘s request at work. Start with the Redshift “Glass” present. Create a RS Fresnel and remap its values into rainbow hues. Optionally, if you’ve used MASH Color to have varying colorSet values for each part of your geometry like this toy gun […]

My 3D Software Biography

I’ve decided to write my own 3D software biography having watched Entagma’s nerd rant on their software biography. It’s interesting, at least to me, that there are many interesting ways of entry into this beautiful world of 3D computer graphics. I’ll also leave my opinions and impressions of the software based on what I last […]

How to best showcase premium materials

If the product you’re selling involves premium materials, then a 3D CGI commercial is one of the best ways to present your product! Magnified Quality When we create materials in the 3D software, we can zoom extremely close up to the material to showcase the aesthetics and high-quality finish. Great for soft materials such as […]

Create File Cache and File nodes in Houdini

Here’s a tool to add filecache and file nodes to your selected node in SOPs geometry context. At Masonry Studios, we base our Houdini geometry caches and its version on the file name (which contains the version number) and the node name, which is the default in Houdini’s file cache node. However avoid using the […]

RBD Packed and Vellum Interaction

Vellum and RBD both have the newer packaged workflows, and while it’s nifty on their own, I haven’t found a way to set up such that they can mutually affect each other properly in a single simulation. Usually, we’d set this up in a custom dopnet using the multi-solver, but because of the way the […]

Coral EXR files

Corals, grew them in Houdini FX and rendered in Redshift3D recently. My buddy, Perry wants to have some compositing fun on the render output so I’ve uploaded the files here, in case you’d also want to have a go at comping this! Look at that comp aqua magic! Totally feels underwater! Perry the beast!