Ronald Fong 2016 Portrait Thumbnail

Updated Profile Picture

An updated profile picture for 2016. :D
Meet Pablo Ronald Fong Animation

Meet Pablo the Pug

Had some fun designing Pablo. I was trying to play with shapes…

Nucai 3D model for upcoming animated short film

A sneak peak into the look development and 3D modeling…
Zong Bot Painting

Zong Bots Work in progress

Introducing new characters to Stong & Mong! The Evil ZONG BOTS! Here…
Troll Satisfied

Satisfied Troll

Character design of a satisfied troll! :D

Stong and Mong Re-designed

Stong and Mong Stong and Mong Family Old Design
Digiron Character Design

Digiron - Animation Character Work-In-Progress Series (Part 8)

He's kind of dull because I don't have a back story for this…