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Houdini Alembic Import Problem

Houdini’s alembic import module, by default installation, doesn’t work well with alembic files on the network. You’ll notice that you can only load .abc files on your local drive, and not those on the network drive. This can be resolved by adding this line to the houdini.env files: HOUDINI_ACCESS_METHOD = 2 In case you’re wondering […]

Maya Wiggle Expression

  Here’s a quick MEL wiggle expression for Maya’s transformation channels. This is similar to After Effects’ wiggle() expression. Step 1. Go to Channelbox > Edit > Expressions… Step 2. Paste the following Step 3. Adjust Frequency, Amplitude and per axis frequency Variant to liking Note: By default, the translate Y and Z frequency has […]

STGCC 2017

It’s my first time at STGCC and I must say it’s quite a fun day out. Looks of cool toys and illustrations and bumped into many old friends.. from Lucasfilm, Gary, Faisal, Yishan. And it’s supercool to see MightyJaxx’s big booth! Had a quick chat with Jackson and hopefully we can work together on something […]

Displacement File Texture Maya Workflow

Made a terrible bust sculpt to familiarise myself with displacement workflow in newer modern 3D rendering engines. When connecting a displacement file texture in Maya to it’s displacementShader, it defaults to connecting outAlpha instead of one of the color channels. So Maya users, please always remember to use one of the color channels of your […]

Baozha! Singapore Animated Short Film

Baozha! is a meaningful animated film with some inspiring development art! The team behind Baozha! has release a visual development art book for free! FREE!!! It can be downloaded at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjtja3wtc6j3m5l/Baozha%21%20Process%20Booklet.pdf?dl=0 Baozha! won “Best Animation Film” at the National Youth Film Awards 2017! Watch it in full here: Watch the making-of video here: The creaters […]

SIDM Alumni X Masonry Studios

It was a great catch-up with Grace! We exchanged ideas on how animation companies like Masonry Studios can play a part in giving back to the schools. Having graduated from NYP’s SIDM, NTU’s ADM and now running Masonry Studios, I’m super excited to share ideas on how to improve the quality of the animation education and […]