Ronald Fong Painting Faces Everyday Day 03 of 30

Painting Faces Everyday Day 03 of 30

Well, here's another painting tutorial! It's day 3, black…

S.E.A. as a high-quality animation brand

When it comes to animation, South-East Asia (S.E.A.) was once…
How much to charge for animation: A Freelance Animator's Guide

Guide to the Singapore Animation Industry

Hello animators, Students who are currently enrolled into…
Ronald Fong To Infinity and Beyond

Re-learning Maya FX systems

Inspired by the motion design trend to use effects systems to…
colorPerVertex MASH to Arnold

How to use MASH color node in Arnold

MASH's color node is based on the color per vertex of Maya's…
Ronald Fong - Eight 3D Balloon Text


I was curious if I could achieve the C4D look with Maya and Vray.…
Ronald 3D Text

Experimental Candy 3D Text

So this is supposed to be the trendy look of motion graphics…
Ronald Fong Juan Foo Han Qing Ping All-In Young Writers

All-in! Young Writers Festival 2017

Thanks to the support of *SCAPE, I've had the pleasure recently…
Vray Blend Material Test (2)

Vray Blend Material Test

Trying out the Vray Blend Materials. Can be useful for weathered…
Ang Ku Kueh CG Singapore Traditional Snack D

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore

It's National Day! Made a bunch of CG Ang Ku Kuehs because I'm…