Ronald Fong 2016 Portrait Thumbnail

Updated Profile Picture

An updated profile picture for 2016. :D
Meet Pablo Ronald Fong Animation

Meet Pablo the Pug

Had some fun designing Pablo. I was trying to play with shapes but I think can still push it more.

Nucai 3D model for upcoming animated short film

A sneak peak into the look development and 3D modeling of Nu Cai in an upcoming short film 有刺客! You Ci Ke. Test animations coming up soon. Let's see him move in the next update! I can make a tutorial on this if it's of interest…
Zong Bot Painting

Zong Bots Work in progress

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Introducing new characters to Stong & Mong! The Evil ZONG BOTS! Here are some initial stages of the designs. It's a work in progress! ;)
Troll Satisfied

Satisfied Troll

Character design of a satisfied troll! :D

Stong and Mong Re-designed

Stong and Mong Stong and Mong Family Old Design
Digiron Character Design

Digiron – Animation Character Work-In-Progress Series (Part 8)

He's kind of dull because I don't have a back story for this dude. He's probably a mostly "in his own world" type of guy who does stuff that don't fit in well with his environment. Thought I'd give him a pet buddy who's actually embarrassed…