Another doodle.I usually paint in black and white first to look out for tonal value. This time I used a different approach, I painted in colour.Didn't turn out extremely well but I'm quite happy with the result. :)

Value Practice

Felt like doing some sketching in photoshop :)I think it's essential to practice values once in a while..don't really like the design of the bridge and the composition can be adjusted slightly.But I'll leave it as it is to not lose the touch…

Digiron Work In Progress 2

Pushed his proportions for him to be taller.I'll sketches of him for a while before I get into making the changes in 3D.Meanwhile I'll plan the boards for my final animation.Maybe it'll be short animations for the front and end of my demoreel.…


Description:Thought of painting something but there was nothing around,except for this glass at my desk.A quick sketch to practice observation skills.The background was made-up so it's highly inaccurate :PTime taken: 10 minutesMedium: Photoshop,…

3D Sketch

A quick play of modelling and shaders :)

Wall-E Fan Art Doodle

Hello!I did this wall-e fan art doodle on my way home a few days ago after the movie.The animation was awesome! :DDecided to scan and color it yesterday. Took me about 5 mins.

Batman Doodle!

I doodled this when I could not get to sleep last Saturday night. :)Had a reference from the latest inspiring dark knight movie. Time taken: Approx. 1 h 10 mins.

Blurred Reflections test

Modelling this lift in a couple of minutes to do a test of blurred reflections in a lift.