Shelleng Fleet SFY01 Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong

Shelleng Fleet SF-Y01

Adding to the Shelleng Fleet of spaceships =)
Triangular Concept Spaceship Design by Ronald Fong


Haven’t drawn a spaceship in a long while. It’s a relaxing sketch =)
Spiderman Digital Painting by Ronald Fong

Spiderman Civil War – Digital Painting

The previous Batman vs Superman painting was a black and white value painting, but this time with Spidey, I'm sharing my techniques in painting full color.
Dawn of Justice - Batman vs Superman

Dawn of Justice – Digital Painting

Sharing my painting process and techniques over the rest of March with superhero paintings :D Dawn of Justice - Batman vs Superman Digital Painting
Painting Practice Ronald Fong

Skin Tone Practice

Skin Tone painting practice using photograph reference. I'm trying to improve my understanding of how light affects skin tone.
Animation Color Key and Shot Design by Ronald Fong (3)

Animation Color Key and Shot Design

I was trying to be a little more adventurous with tonal structure and color in animation shot design.
Ronald Fong 2016 Portrait Thumbnail

Updated Profile Picture

An updated profile picture for 2016. :D
JJ Lin by Ronald Fong

JJ Lin Portrait Painting

Did a digital painting of JJ Lin! (again) Haha! Here's the work in progress stills in GIF format :)
Animation Design Color Comp Ronald Fong

Hipster Color Palette

I have never painted with a preset color palette before, I usually handpick my colors on the fly. This is my first time, and I tried it using the trending hipster color palette. These colors are often used in graphic design these days and…
Futuristic Handguns Ronald Fong

Futuristic Handgun Designs

Designed some futuristic handguns and a grenade. The look is pretty generic, but it was fun to practise nonetheless.