Ronald Fong Spider-Scorpio Mech

Spider-scorpio Mech

Had some fun designing some spider-scorpio mechs :)  
Meet Pablo Ronald Fong Animation

Meet Pablo the Pug

Had some fun designing Pablo. I was trying to play with shapes but I think can still push it more.
Racer Vehicle Concept Design Ronald Fong 02

Racer Concept

Did some 3D Concept Kit-bashing in Maya. It was fun! Racer
Ronald Fong Coldsteam Concept 2

Coldsteam Concept Design

Recently, I did some concept designs for Coldsteam - a visual effects film. The team required concept designs for the key sequence at a sci-fi train console. So I designed the mood, the train console and included elements such as a hatch for…
Ronald Fong Life Drawing
Taken 3 Digital Painting by Ronald Fong

Taken 3 Liam Neeson Digital Fan Art Painting

Just for fun! For Lian Neeson / Taken fans!
Abandoned Town - Ronald Fong

Latent Spaces Exhibition at Haw Par Villa

I've got a humble contribution to the on-going exhibition at Latent Spaces: Haw Par Villa from 20 September to 19 October 2014. It's a print of a watercolor I did on plein air. Check out other cool art there too! I mean, Haw Par Villa is definitely…
You Ci Ke - Storyboard Panels

Storyboard Panels for You Ci Ke (有刺客)

Storyboards for animated short film. A selection of add-on storyboard panels for You Ci Ke (有刺客) short film. Not in sequence. School of Art, Design & Media, NTU Singapore