Ronald Fong Arnold Focus Assist ToolRonald Fong

MtoA Arnold for Maya DOF Focus Assist Tool

Hey! I'm an old school CG artist from the days of CPU rendering and depth pass and zDefocus, and only recently got over the psychological barrier of doing in-camera DOF. My conclusion - it's liberating. Of course, GPU render engines like RedShift…
Ronald Fong Zebra Ramp

Quick colors in Maya Ramp

It's very time-consuming to manually create many ramp entries in Maya's ramp node, so I wrote a little script. This simple function can be useful to create a procedural circular brushed metal texture where we want a hundred alternating colors. //Author:…

Houdini Alembic Import Problem

Houdini's alembic import module, by default installation, doesn't work well with alembic files on the network. You'll notice that you can only load .abc files on your local drive, and not those on the network drive. This can be resolved…
MASH Dynamics Color Node Velocity

Using Color Node’s Velocity with MASH Dynamics

, Problem: The color node's 'Use Velocity' is useful to create interesting effects. It works just fine with all other nodes with the MASH system, with the except the new Maya 2018's MASH Dynamics…
Ronald Fong Animation Brushed Metal Sphere Square (3)

Maya Wiggle Expression

  Here's a quick MEL wiggle expression for Maya's transformation channels. This is similar to After Effects' wiggle() expression. Step 1. Go to Channelbox > Edit > Expressions... Step 2. Paste the following Step 3.…
How much to charge for animation: A Freelance Animator's Guide

How much to charge for animation: A Freelance Animator’s Guide

Heya fellow animators, Money tips! I've been getting many questions on how to charge for freelance animation work. While there's no one answer (or figure) that fits all, as every animator's skill and capacity is different, here are some…
How much to charge for animation: A Freelance Animator's Guide

Guide to the Singapore Animation Industry

Hello animators, Students who are currently enrolled into an animation programme, be it NTU's ADM, Digipen's animation or NYP's DMD animation or a similar programme,  must have a clear picture on where they are heading with their career and…

Photoshop Hipster Palette

Hey, I've got a bunch of requests for the "hipster" color palette in use to start my digital doodles in Photoshop. So, here you go - Hipster Swatches

Tips on File Versioning and Date Naming Conventions

Here are some notes on file versioning and date naming conventions for 3D animation production: I recommend using the following "_###" versioning system: animation_001 animation_002 Frame padding It depends on the project you're on, but…
How much to charge for animation: A Freelance Animator's Guide

Tips on Naming Conventions in Maya

Why should we name our stuff in Maya? --- Makes selection easy: For me, this is the biggest reason. 3D scenes are filled with characters, props, environments, their rigs, textures and we need to work with them. Scripts can be written to automate…