Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 24 DizzyRonald Fong

Inktober 2019 - Behind-the-scenes

Rendered a bunch of photographic illustrations using Houdini…

Notes On Using Pref Or Position Reference Pass

V-Ray Limitations At this time of writing, V-Ray GPU doesn’t…
Ronald Fong Obj Sequence to Maya MEL

Obj Sequence to Maya

A quick and dirty way to load an .obj sequence in Maya and have…
Reconnect attributes of textures and materials

Reconnect attributes textures and materials

Quick MEL script to quickly re-connect existing texture connections…
Ronald Fong Houdini Alembic to Maya Geometry Preservation - Shapes to TransformsRonald Fong

Houdini Alembic to Maya with Geometry Separation

One way to export multiple geometries from Houdini to Maya and…
Ronald Fong Arnold Focus Assist ToolRonald Fong

MtoA Arnold for Maya DOF Focus Assist Tool

Hey! I'm an old school CG artist from the days of CPU rendering…
Ronald Fong Zebra Ramp

Quick colors in Maya Ramp

It's very time-consuming to manually create many ramp entries…

SIDM Alumni Sharing

Happy to be invited back to SIDM, as an Alumni, for the part…

Houdini Alembic Import Problem

Houdini's alembic import module, by default installation, doesn't…
MASH Dynamics Color Node Velocity

Using Color Node's Velocity with MASH Dynamics

/ Problem: The…