Yin Yang

Food Typography

Inktober 2019



3D Type 2019 – Numbers


3D Type 2019


Advanced Velvet Material

Aero Turtle

Snow Duck

Tang Yuan

Brushed Metal Sphere

Iridescent Oil





Candy Text

Ang Ku Kueh

CG Chicken Egg

Animation Design

LTA Innovators Needed

Le Petit Prince

Google Play Town 游乐园


Masonry Studios Logo

Wire Yarn


Da Niu 大牛

Shelleng Fleet

Rustic Spaceships

Tote Bag Designs

Culinary God 食神

M.E.T.R.O.P.A Concept Design

L’Oréal Paris Hydrafresh

The Swamp Concept Art

Racer Concept

You Ci Ke (有刺客)

Bug Vehicle Concepts

Demo Reel 2015

Kusu Island

Meet Pablo

Rise of the Bulk Episode 2

ADM Graduation Show You Ci Ke Publicity

Dragon Tourney



Fighter Spacecraft

Alien Invasion

Fire Response Vehicle

Sports Car Concept Design

Rise of the Bulk

Concept Cars

Marine Ships

Bata “Have We Met?”

Dancing Queens

SP@60 Animation

Emperor Di’er


Chang’e 3D Model

Spaceship Concept Design

Evil Lair

NTUSU-BP Mentoring

Alien Stingray Spaceship

Alien Giant Insect Invasion

The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate

Tissue Sao & Kopi Lou

NTUC Health

Drawn Animation Show Reel

Bomb Transporter & Rescue Craft

Terror Viper

Bomb Transporter

Flexi-Tank Concept Design

Optimus Prime Digital Painting

3D Animation Demo Reel 2014

Visual Development for You Ci Ke (有刺客)

Pigsy 3D Sculpture Model

Brewing Storm

Linguini’s Kitchen

Demo Reel 2013

Hyundai Veloster 3D Model

Stong and Mong

I Turn To You

Rigging For Animation Demo Reel

Spaceship Concept Designs

You Died

Jason and the Argonauts

The Incredible Hulk

Gigalight Logo

Panasonic Beauty TV Commercial

Omore Ice Cream TV Commercial

Demo Reel 2009

The Swan Song

Coke Zero Singapore TV Commercial

Tug and Tumble

Stole from my Kin

She Says – JJ Lin Digital Painting

Coca Cola – Energize Yourself

Eyeka Creative Challenge

Magnolia GO! TV Commercial

Mini Cooper S Realistic Rendering

Got Something

F1GPSG.COM Singapore Grand Prix

Lost in a Sci-Fi World

Demo Reel 2007

3D Form Design

Bouncing Ball

Emma Watson Digital Painting

Amazing Spider-man Digital Painting

Yoda Sculpture

SNSD – Yuri Kwon Digital Painting


JJ Lin Jun Jie Digital Painting

Jay Chou Digital Painting